Saturday March 9 @ 7pm
Germania of Poughkeepsie

Mills Mansion, Staatsburg
Sunday, March 10th - St. Pat's in Kingston
1pm - on a float with the Ruffians
4pm - Hooley at the Hall, White Eagle
5:30pm - ShamROCK Festival at BSP
(Back Stage Productions) Wall Street

Saturday, March 16th 2pm-Midnight
Mahoney's Poughkeepsie

Sunday, March 17th @ 4pm
Mahoney's, Poughkeepsie - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 30 @ 9pm
Drestrier! at Charlie O's,Red Hook

Saturday, September 1
Hooley on the Hudson! Feeney Stage

Saturday, September 14
Children's Home of Kingston Benefit

Friday, September 20
The Blackthorne Resort, East Durham


Friday, August 11th @ 9pm
The Blackthorne Resort, E.Durham

Saturday, August 18th @ 3pm
Cartier Nuptial Shindig

Sunday, Sept 2nd @ 6pm
The Hooley on the Hudson, Kingston Waterfront

Sunday, Sept 23rd @ 4pm
Mahoney's, Poughkeepsie

Sunday, September 30th @ 12pm
Celtic Day in the Park; Mills Mansion, Staatsburg

Sunday, Oct 28th @ 4pm
Mahoney's, Poughkeepsie

Sunday, Nov 25th @ 4pm
Mahoney's, Poughkeepsie

Sunday, Dec 23rd @ 4pm
Mahoney's, Poughkeepsie

. MacCana Music - Irish Brothers Band